Apeks Guardian

The Apeks Guardian Full-Face Mask is designed to meet the demanding needs of today’s Professional Diver, it leverages the best features found on other masks with unique features designed specifically for the market.

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ABOUT Apeks Guardian

Product Details


  • Removable 2nd stage for easy cleaning and storage.
  • Made of a one-piece, pliable silicone skirt combined with injectionmolded, high-impact, glass-filled nylon frame and regulator housing.
  • Double face seal and slightly smaller/low volume oral nasal cavity to fit most faces.
  • Customizable nose block for equalization.
  • Air flow is directed up the visor face to eliminate fogging and through one-way valves in the oral nasal pocket to reduce CO2 retention.
  • Second stage comes off the right shoulder and uses a standard LP hose.
  • Communications port for easy installation of an OTS Buddy Phone or ear/ microphone assembly.
  • CE Certified EM 250 2014