The NM XL4+ is an innovative lightweight non magnetic regulator especially designed for military diving in all environments including cold water locations. It is made using specialist materials to reduce the magnetic signature of the product keeping it below the CLASS A requiremets of <5nT. Includes Green accents to identify it as a dedicated NM Regulator for EOD and MCM operations. It is also an ideal stage regulator, perfect for emergency bailout for rebreathers, due to its compact sizing.

Color  GREY
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Product Details


  • Non-Magnetic <5nT
  • NM Green Accent Markings on the green version
  • DLC Surface Finish for a durable dark non-reflective finish.
  • 1st Stage Performance Features:
    • Over-molded first-stage end cap
    • Heat exchanger ribbed diaphragm clamp
    • 2 HP ports (7/16”” UNF)
    • 4 MP ports (3/8”” UNF)
  • 2nd Stage Performance Features:
    • Finned heat exchanger hose nut
    • Comfo-bite™ mouthpiece