Military Professional Division of Aqualung Group

For more than 80 years, Aqualung has pioneered innovations in the underwater industry. Our Military and Professional division is the industry leading specialist for best-in-class solutions dedicated to the End Users missions whatever the water environment. Our premium field proven solutions and services reinforce essential personal safety and enhanced performance for Military and Professional End Users.


Matured from our company’s legacy, we have a curious nature. Today, we continue to possess the abilities of the first pioneers in our field. The imagination to dream of solutions to the encounters facing Military and Professional end users empowers them to move beyond basic mission perimeters.


Aqualung Military and Professional equipment is dedicated to maritime military operations, emergency breathing activities and public safety and rescue users.


We are dedicated to offering much more than just the necessary equipment. For us, it is a true devotion to bring best-in-class, field-proven systems and services that reinforce essential personal safety and enhance performance for all Military and Professional end users globally.


We perform product research, development, testing and evaluation. The testing machines we have can measure and test equipment performances as well as simulate any breathing conditions underwater. Dive depth, breathing rate, force and water temperature can be adjusted for high quality testing. Conscious of the serious challenges end users are facing, our non-magnetic testing process and equipment are top level.


We are also equipped with state-of-the art clean rooms. Aqualung’s manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 certified, following system standards in quality management.


Aqualung Military and Professional's product range includes equipment authorized for Navy use by the U.S. Navy's ANU Program. The ANU lists underwater equipment that has undergone design safety reviews, testing and evaluations. The ANU Program has two categories of diving equipment: Category I is for life support diving equipment that provides a safe, controlled environment for a diver by satisfying the life support requirements of the diving operation. Products in the Category II are non-life support diving equipment such as fins and masks that enhance the mission capability. Please refer to ANU listed icon in our product presentations.


In NATO, a standardization agreement defines processes, procedures, terms and conditions for common military equipment between the member countries of the alliance. A NATO Stock Number, NSN, is a 13-digit numeric code, identifying all the standardized material items of supply as they have been recognized by all NATO countries. A wide range of Aqualung Military and Professional equipment have NATO Stock Numbers. Please refer to our part number tables, column NSN, to find corresponding codes.