Argonaut Titanium

World’s premier maritime commandos knives. The Argonaut Dive knives are designed to be one of our best and toughest knives. The blade is cut into two styles; the Spartan and the Blunt. The Spartan comes to a spear head point with one side featuring rounded die cut serrations to prevent snags on rope. The Blunt comes to a blunt chisel like tip. One full side of the Blunt blade is die cut with rounded serrations.

Style:  Titanium Spartan Tip
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ABOUT Argonaut Titanium

Product Details


  • The blade and handle are each 12,25 cm long 
  • The butt of the handle comes to a point for hammering, breaking and crushing
  • The sheath is a locking 2 mm thick Kydex with 3,4mm grommets; the strap holes are 25,5mm long and 6,4mm wide
  • Includes two rubber leg strap belt loop webbing extension and BC mounting hardware
  • Titanium version is non magnetic

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