Technician Courses & Training

Aqualung Military & Professional offers in-person technician courses to certify you as an expert in the proper factory service of our equipment.

Courses include servicing on: CONSHELF and MTX Regulators, SEA Variants (LVIS, MK, LV2, LW, DSIS, LPIS, VRA and EBIS), PHODS, Valves and Manifold. In preparation for the course, you will gain an understanding of the tools and spare parts kits required to conduct proper factory service to ensure that when the course starts, you have everything you need. During the course, you will gain access to the technical manuals, and receive personal guidance through the procedures that will ensure you have the knowledge and abilities to keep life-saving equipment in top condition and service-ready for decades. Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive certification, special workspace materials, and some special gifts to welcome you to the exclusive club of Aqualung Certified Technicians.